No, the Pope is not leaning toward same-sex union


Last night, one of our local television news programs reported that, the Pope’s interview with Italian newspaper, Corriere della Serawas actually a sign that he’s leaning toward the acceptance of same-sex unions in the Catholic Church. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t even talking about same-sex unions at all, but rather about civil unions between a man and a woman. His remarks pertained to social justice in regard to medical insurance and health care.

Score one for the mainstream media.


Today in an interview, Fr. Rosica, C.S.B., who serves as the English language assistant to Holy See Press Office, clarified the Pope’s words. Just think of the good that could be done if the mainstream media focused their time and energy on accurately reporting issues and events instead of inventing ways to twist and sensationalize them.

That, my friends, is why the Catholic media need you. Your prayerful and financial support are essential in our mission to publish and broadcast the truth and counter the forces that constantly work against it. We all wish we could do it pro bono, but we can’t. That’s why every Catholic newspaper subscription, pledge drive donation, and book purchase counts big time for those of us working in the trenches. And believe me, sometimes those trenches can get pretty ugly.

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