How you can help me prepare for Israel


Now that the initial shock of being awarded the trip to Israel with the Catholic Press Association is waning, I’m hit by a new reality: I’m going to have to buy stuff for the trip. You know, stuff as in some odds and ends of clothing, a decent travel bag to haul my equipment around in, and even some updated equipment that’s more functional during international travel.

And so, let me utter a brash-yet-humble reminder that you can help me out by using the link on my homepage for all your Amazon purchases. When you do that, I’ll get a percentage of each purchase order amount. Be sure to bookmark the link so you can easily access it for future purchases.That’ll help offset my expenses and allow me to do a better job of reporting back to you about the Holy Land. In the case you’re not inclined to purchase on Amazon, you can use the Donate button on the homepage of Walking by Heaven’s Light and contribute directly. Also, you can help by encouraging others to do the same.

The objective of this trip is to share about the happenings and my experiences with the folks back home. That mean YOU. In the coming weeks, I’ll be prayerfully and practically doing that’s possible to assure that will be excellently done.

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