Flash Mobs and Flash Prayers

Flash mobs effect all of us. Learn what you can do to help – here’s my latest on Catholic Lane.



  1. Hi Marge, I’m not register with Catholic Lane so I came back here to comment on Flash Mobs. First though, you’ve been highlighted at the Pay it Forward meme by Anne which is how I found you. I had no idea of the history of flash mobbing but I have to tell you of a wonderful flash mob that I found on Youtube called A Catholic Eucharistic Flash Mob and I blogged about it. I’ve been encouraging people to watch it since it’s so moving and touching to see the people worship Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and for the others who are watching and thinking… seeds being planted! You should check it out and watch a positive one! http://www.rosarymom.blogspot.com

    • Hi, Noreen! Nice to have you at my family table. Thanks for letting me know about the positive flash mobbing – what a nice inspiration!

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