The Power of One: March for Life from Home! #FastforLife

March for Life, Marge Fenelon

I love that the theme for this year’s March for Life is “The Power of One.” That is exactly right. We often think that we’re only one person, so what can we do about it anyway? Or, we’re only one person, so we won’t be missed if we don’t participate.

We aren’t only one person. We can do a lot about it. And, we will be missed if we don’t participate.

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Call Him Emmett

Every child ever to be conceived has been called by name by God. It’s also true of every child taken by Planned Parenthood from his mother’s womb – perhaps with heart still beating – and pulled apart in order to harvest his body parts to sell.
Students for Life is giving those aborted babies a name – Emmett, after another Emmett who tragically lost his life.

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