Making Spiritual Communions

spiritual communionMy latest feature for National Catholic Register, “Follow the Saints: Make a Spiritual Communion,” is up on their website.

I really enjoyed doing this article, in particular because I learned two interesting things.

First, I realized that not everyone knows what a Spiritual Communion is. In fact, judging from my research, I’d have to say that few folks know. I grew up with the concept, so making spiritual communions was perfectly natural for me.

Second, I learned that making a spiritual communion within the context of holy Mass enhances the experience of an actual communion and enriches the thanksgiving afterward. I’d seen it as an either-or devotion.

I’ll let you read about it for yourself at the link above and welcome your impressions and comments here on this blog.

Blessed communicating!


  1. Hello Marge,
    What a well written article. I had to copy this to share it with my “Why Catholic group”.
    I did know about spiritual communion, but not to the depth that you taught here,.
    Thank-you much and God Bless,
    Sharon Felten

  2. Wonderful story! Thanks for the beautiful prayers at the end!

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