Strength for the Family

“Our holiness also depends on the way we use the things that God gives us. We want to employ them in a heroic way, with a divine indifference that creates a balance between attachment and detachment.” ~Strengthening Your Family: A Catholic approach to Holiness at Home, Chapter Nineteen: Necessities of Life

adventIt’s a tricky balance between having the things we need and needing the things we have. If we were to do a frank evaluation of our property and possessions, likely we’d find that there is very little we own that we absolutely need. Certainly, the amenities we own make our lives more comfortable, but we could get along without them if we put our minds to it. The Holy Family hadn’t much to call their own. They were basically poor people – we know this because Joseph and Mary offered two turtle doves at the Presentation, a symbol of their poverty.

Straws for the Crib

Do without a few of the conveniences you own today. Try making it through the day without the microwave, smart phone, or television. Ask the Holy Family to bless you with spiritual poverty so that you can more humbly open your heart for the Christ Child.

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