Happy Mond….errr…Tuesday morning!

Below is the link to a LifeSiteNews article to which I’d like to draw your attention. Remember the old Marvel comics we enjoyed as kids? Well, marvel no more.The once child-friendly series has become one that we’d like to steer our kids away from. Now Marvel is using its super-heroes to tout same-sex “marriage” and the homosexual lifestyle.  Additionally, the article points out that the Target retail chain has jumped on the gay bandwagon, Target will donate up to $120,000 from the proceeds of its “Wear it with Pride” t-shirt promotion to the Family Equality Council, an organization that supports same-sex “marriage.” While we want to respect the dignity of all human beings, we can’t rightfully support actions and lifestyle choices that defy God’s natural law.


On a happier note, Brian Patrick and I had a great chat this morning on Sacred Heart Radio’s Son Rise Morning Show about how and why to put Mary in charge of our lives. Missed it? Not to worry, the podcast will be up within a couple of days (don’t worry, I’ll remind you when it’s up). For now, here’s the link: http://www.sacredheartradio.com/

Here in the United States, Memorial Day officially marks the beginning of summer. So as we move into our warm-weather personas, I pray you have an invigorating and grace-filled summer 2012!

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