Two nights ago, I had a dream that I’d bought a walker. Not just any walker, you know. It was a deluxe model with a little cup holder, those cool glider nubbies on the bottom of the legs, fenders, and racing stripes. It was totally wicked! I was so proud of it that I was showing it off to everyone I knew. I woke up laughing.

“Wow. Where in the world did that come from?” I wondered.

Yesterday, John and I went for a long walk down by the lake. The flora has already begun to fade – all but a few lonely clumps of asters here and there.

“Yup,” I sighed. “The earth is getting old. It’s shutting down and preparing itself for winter.”

As we walked along, I thought about how everything gets old sooner or later. It’s all part of God’s Divine Providence. The flora beautifies the land, dies down, dries up, and spends itself so that new flora can burst forth in the spring.

We get older, weaker, but hopefully wiser. We work hard for the kingdom, succumb to the slowing down of our minds and bodies yet leave behind the fruits of our labors for those who come after us. Even I have to get old, whether I want to admit it or not. Eventually, I won’t be able to make the lakeside trek anymore. Instead, I’ll have to reminisce about it from my rocking chair.

“And, with my nifty-swifty walker coddled up next to me,” I chuckled.

We got back to the neighborhoods and came upon a rummage sale in the front yard of one of the houses. My eye scanned the huge variety of items and came to rest on something vaguely familiar.

It was a walker! Not as nifty-swifty as the one in my dream, but a walker nonetheless.

I guess God really wanted to make his point.

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