Ultrasound Fetuses

“Every child ever to be conceived has been called by name by God. It’s also true of every child taken by Planned Parenthood from his mother’s womb – perhaps with heart still beating – and pulled apart in order to harvest his body parts to sell.

Students for Life is giving those aborted babies a name – Emmett, after another Emmett who tragically lost his life.” ~Call Him Emmett, National Catholic Register

Friends, please, please read my latest blog post for National Catholic Register and then pass it on to others. The gruesome child-slaying of Planned Parenthood must stop. Planned Parenthood Federation of American must be de-funded and made subject to the law immediately. 

As you read this, boxes of severed aborted baby heads are being prepared for shipment to research labs in order to secure their brains for experimentation.

Enough is enough.

Call Him Emmett


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