Earlier this week, I mentioned on social media that I was going to make a big announcement today. I gave two clues:

  1. Man does not live by bread alone.
  2. It’s something you’ll love to hear.

Did you try to guess? Did you guess that I was going to announce my own podcast with Breadbox Media?

If you did, you win. If you didn’t, you still win. Everybody wins because I am indeed announcing my new podcast with Breadbox Media, Everyday Spirituality.

Today my weekly podcast, Everyday Spirituality debutes on Breadbox Media and will air each Wednesday. Here’s the show description:

Everyday Spirituality
WITH Marge Fenelon
Catholic spirituality isn’t just for Sunday Mass – it’s for every day, all day. Marge offers practical application of faith to life using Mary as model. Mary was the first to hear and spread the Good News. She is entirely devoted to her Son, Jesus and to doing God’s will. That makes her the first and greatest disciple and our prime example of Catholic spirituality. Join Marge for joy, inspiration, and simple, everyday spirituality with a Marian twist.

I’m super excited to launch the show and eager to bring you great content each week. I’m also super excited to be working with the wonderful folks at Breadbox Media and am honored to be in the lineup of awesome Breadbox hosts. In my down-to-earth style, I’ll be discussing facets of faith and life that touch all of us. I’ll share about my travel adventures and projects as well as current trends and events that affect us as Catholics. I’ll offer suggestions for practical application of our Catholic faith in daily life. And, of course, I’ll talk about my absolute FAVORITE topic – Mary! Above all, I’ll bring you joy, inspiration, and simple, everyday spirituality.

I’m looking forward to our time together each week on Everyday Spirituality!


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