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Learn How To Listen For God At Our Free Virtual Conference!
Friday, April 16 – Sunday, April 18, 2021    

This amazing FREE conference is just 5 days away! Learn to Listen For God in the everyday experiences in your life. Spot the Godly “coincidences” and the moments of being touched by the Holy Spirit in Scripture, prayer, and all the special moments of your life. I and 50+ of the best Catholic speakers will give short talks about where you can hear the still small voice (and sometimes the not so small voice) of the loving Creator who always wants to guide us in life if we will listen. Two of my presentations will air live during the conference and two more will be available in the Premium Pass package. Please join us and maybe consider a Premium Pass that will allow you to listen to all the talks and panel discussions after the Conference and for the rest of the year. I look forward to you joining us!  


Here’s Just Some of the Talks This Weekend:

Listening For God Through Scripture
Recognizing the Interior Movements God Gives Us
Listening For the Will of God
The Saints Reveal the Voice of God
God Speaks to Us in Suffering
Forgiveness & Healing in Marriage
Listening to God in the Voice of the Unborn
The Power of the Rosary & How to Pray it More Deeply
Mary the Model of Prayer
Hearing God in Difficult Events
Iconography: Saintly InspirationListening For God in Silence
Prophetic Voices in the Contemporary Church
Recognize the “God-incidences” All Around Us
Praying the Rosary Like Never Before
God is In Her, She Will Not Fall
Listening For God Through Lectio Divina
Being Touched By an Angel
Using a Prayer Challenge To Quiet Your Mind & Jumpstart Your Shattered Confidence
How to Get Honest With God
Finding Hints of the Divine in Novels
Listening to God Through the Wounds of the Heart
Hearing a Word from God
Recognizing God through the Physical World Around You (Based on St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica)
How to Clear the Roadblocks on Life’s Journey and Better Your Communication with God
The Examen Prayer 

And Don’t Miss the Live Panel Discussions!

50+ Speakers!

Registration is Required for This FREE Event!

NOTE: Premium content option available for access thru

December 31, 2021.

  Conference Mission Statement    The Listening For God VIRTUAL Conference seeks to encourage and inspire Catholics and other Christians in their journey with God. Expect to be energized and motivated to move toward a richer relationship with Christ through…
 — Lessons From Powerful Personal Testimonies
— New Scriptural Insights
— Practical Steps For A Deeper Prayer Life
— A Closer Look At The Lives Of The Saints
 Given all the chaos and uncertainty in our world, this conference will highlight how God continues to reach out to his children. During this event, hear from top Catholic authors, Biblical scholars, evangelists, and theologians to help you rise above the noise and clamor and discern what God is trying to say to you right now.

Note: This event is being hosted by Teresa Tomeo and Catholic Speakers OrganizationSophia Institute Press is graciously offering a 25% discount on Teresa Tomeo’s latest book, Listening For God: Discovering the Incredible Ways God Speaks To Us to all those that register for this conference. Learn more when you register at ListeningForGodConference.com.  


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