Have you been pulled into the world of textnology? Most parents have, whether they like it or not. Read my latest post on Phases of Womanhood (even if you’re a guy – you’ll get a lot out of it!)

Come on, people!

I don’t agree with the healthcare reform bill, but I certainly wouldn’t threaten anybody’s life over it. Aren’t we supposed to be about preserving the dignity of life? Come on, people! Threats against lawmakers spread over health vote

How absurd is that?

Last month, our daughter had a car accident, totalling her car and causing some (thankfully) minor injuries. A car turned in front of her, she swerved to avoid it, hit a patch of ice, lost control of the car, and slid across the road and head-on into a tree. Although Read more…

Just Souper

Last night we shared a huge pot (two, actually) of vegetarian chili and thirteen loaves of homemade bread with a group of young friends. Some of them were old friends and some of them were new acquaintances. By the end of the night, we all seemed like old friends. Our Read more…

I’m back!

I’m back from New York and (almost) ready to jump into my “normal” modus operandus. It was a fantastic trip! My daughter and neice accompanied me and I truly enjoyed having them along. We stayed with a lovely, lively older woman who taught us about her Puerto Rican culture, including Read more…