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Hello, friends. Join Brian Patrick and me on the Son Rise Morning Show tomorrow (Friday) at 5:45am CST as we chat about sharing our Catholic faith in unexpected places. Here’s the link to listen online or catch the podcast later:

G’head, tell ’em you’re Catholic

It always happens. The person in the seat next to me on the plane asks, “So, where’re you headed?”

Then I’ll say, “Oh, I’m headed to a conference.”

Then they’ll ask, “So, what kind of conference?”

Then I’ll say, “Oh, a Catholic such-n-such conference.”

And then I’ll receive one of three responses: (more…)

What the World Needs Now…Holiness for Families

new year

What the world needs now is…holiness for families. It needs families with a pronounced religious character, who take seriously the responsibility for the education of the children from within the family context. I ran across the quote below while researching one of my upcoming presentations and want to share it with you. Spoken by Servant of God, Fr. Joseph Kentenich, in 1965, it holds true not only then, but now and for the future. As we watch the ways of the world around us, we can see how prophetic Fr. Kentenich’s words are. The education of the children is more and more being taken out of the hands of the family and placed into the hands of those who seek to destroy their mentality and morality – secular media, the entertainment industry, schools (not all, but most), and even our own government.   (more…)