Catch some Morning Air

  Hi, Friends! Just a heads up – I’ll be chatting with Sean Herriot on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air tomorrow, January 30, at 6:34am CST. We’ll be discussing how to live the Evangelical Counsels in marriage. Even those who aren’t married can learn a lot (hint: the ECs are for Read more…

Living the Evangelical Counsels in marriage

the Yanks

Joe & Judy Yank, of Hubertus, WI

I’ve been waiting with great anticipation for the February 3 issue of Our Sunday Visitor Weekly to hit the stands, and now you can see why. This issue includes my article on living the Evangelical Counsels in marriage as a vital means to protect marriage as a sacred institution. Most people think the counsels are merely for consecrated religious persons. That’s not true. They’re for anyone wanting to do more than simply obey the commandments. (more…)

The Homeless Reality

As I write, the weather station says that it’s 1° F, but it feels like -17°F. With the wind chill, it’s expected to drop as low as -30°F tonight. Tomorrow will more of the same. Even with the furnace chugging away, the perimeters of the house are cold. Upon passing by the windows and doors, one would swear they were wide open; sometimes as I go by, I check just to make sure. They’re closed. This is a pretty sturdy house, but in cold temps (more…)

Icing, Stretches, and Everyday Sanctity

Pic-01172013-002 (3)I’m working my way through a book called Everyday Sanctity, written by Schoenstatt Sister of Mary, M. A. Nailis. With texts from it’s founder, Fr. Joseph Kentenich, this volume addresses one of the pillars of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement, everyday sanctity, which is the practice of giving everyday life the character of holiness. Although it’s become a mainstay guidebook for the movement’s members, it’s an (more…)