Importance of Saying the Rosary

I had a great chat with Sean Herriot this morning on Relevant Radio’s “Morning Air.” We talked about the importance of praying the Rosary and I shared some insights from my own life in regard to the necessity and benefits of this beautiful form of prayer and meditation.

For me, there are three main components of praying the Rosary:

1. Educative: When we pray the Mysteries of the Rosary, we (more…)

Why say the Rosary?

Why say the Rosary? Listen to Relevant Radio’s Morning Air with host Sean Herriot tomorrow, Thursday, June 27 at 8:40am CST and you’ll find out. Sean and I will be chatting about the importance of saying the Rosary as part of Morning Air’s Fornight for Freedom programming. You can listen Read more…

No one is useless in the Church, Pope Francis tells us

Pope_Francis_in_March_2013 (1)

Pope Francis’ General Audience address is packed with words of wisdom and encouragement (as usual), but there is one line that especially sticks with me. “This tells us that no one is useless in the Church – no on is useless in the Church! – and should anyone chance to say, some one of you, ‘Get home with you, you’re useless!’ that is not true,” he said earlier today at the Vatican.

No one is useless in the Church. I like this because it can (more…)

Gardening and Spirituality

spirituality, spiritual exercises, Catholic, rosaryIt was an accident, actually – one of those things that come upon you when your mind in in a totally different realm, and God takes you by surprise and snatches you up. The “accident” I’m referring to is my new spiritual exercise.

The exercise began with my new “job” this summer, which is to plant and tend the garden boxes in our back and side yards. That’s (more…)