Five Ways to Maintain Hope

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Today I’m following up on my last post about the priest who committed suicide in the rectory a block down the street from my house. In my post I mentioned that, in my view, this priest (and anyone else who has committed suicide) must have lost all hope. To me, a person can only take his or her own life if steeped in utter hopelessness. (more…)

The Five Things that Most Impress Me about Pope Francis

Pope Francis portrait thumbnail.CNS Photo/Paul Haring.

Since his election to the papacy on March 13, 2013, I’ve been following Pope Francis – at times actively, and at times passively, but always keeping me eye on him via the Catholic newspapers, Internet sites, and Vaticanist news bulletins. Although I was initially skeptical about what kind of pope Cardinal¬†Jorge Mario Bergoglio would become, I now find myself liking what I see. And hear.

I appreciate his simplicity and directness, and I appreciate even more that he practices what he preaches. He’s asked the Church to pare down, be attentive to the needs of those (more…)