The Thanks Giving Tree

Once you start listing things, I’ll bet you have more to be thankful for this Thanksgiving than you realize. In fact, I’ll bet you’ll come up with things you can be thankful for all year around! Here’s how a Fenelon Clan custom can be transformed into a way of life Read more…

Have a blessed… what?

Have a… what? Has a customer service representative ever wish you a blessed day? Here’s what happened to me one evening. My latest for Aleteia: “Have a Blessed Evening!” What the What?! We never know what good a small, “unthinking” gesture can do. So… Take the dare! Wish everyone you Read more…

Will you join the Crowd?

An interesting turn in the trend to let Black Friday creep into Thanksgiving Day. Learn what’s going on in my latest for Aleteia: Meet The Anti-Black-Friday-Creep Crowd More stores refuse to compete with retailers whose “biggest sale of the year” is taking over Thanksgiving.

Book Basket

Well, friends. I’m sure you’ve heard of an honor roll, and likely you’ve heard of a blog roll, but have you ever heard of a book roll?

You have now!

A suBook Rollrmountable number of books come across my desk each month, all with wonderful notes from the publisher looking for a review – or at least a nod – for their author’s hard work. Having myself authored three devotionals, four full-length books and now working on my fifth (due for release October 2015), I can appreciate the desire and need to get the word out about newly-published books. So, I’m happy to help.

The difficulty lies in not having enough time to give as much press to each book as it both deserves and as I desire.

To deal with the influx of books and “outflux” of my time, I’ve devised a Book Roll, which will be a periodic (read: when my desk is overbooked, pun intended) post that will list the books I think worthy of the publicity and a few words about why. (more…)

Morning Air at 6am CST

Join host John Harper and I on Relevant Radio’s “Morning Air” tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4 at 6am CST as we chat about my book, “Strengthening Your Family: A Catholic Approach to Holiness at Home,” and the importance of Catholic radio in your life. Listen live or catch the podcast later.