Can You Surrender in Times of Loss?

Mary accompanied her Son through his entire Passion, every horrifying step, every excruciating blow. And then she stood beneath his Cross as his Precious Blood drained from his holy Body and soaked the earth. She watched him take his final breath and surrender himself into the hands of his Father.

If We Clean Our Computer Files, Shouldn’t We Clean Our Spiritual Files As Well?

I know a number of folks, including myself, whose spiritual files are a considerable mess. We have scads of prayer books and devotionals on our shelves, tucked in dresser drawers and sitting on our nights stands. That’s not a bad thing, but we haven’t touched most of them in years. We’ve subscribed to more email novenas and prayer-a-day lists than we could pray in a lifetime, much less daily.

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Sacred Hands

So, when I think if the Eleventh Station: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross, I think of our Lord’s hands.

During his lifetime, Jesus used his hands to build along side of St. Joseph and work along side of his Blessed Mother. He blessed, prayed, and healed with his hands. His hands waved hello to friends, and multiplied loaves and fishes to feed the multitudes.

Honoring our Bodies

We participate in that disrobing every time we treat our own bodies with less that the respect they deserve. Whether poor health habits, immodest dress or behavior, lustful behavior, or egotistic adornment, when we do not honor our own bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit, we dishonor the Body of the One who gave all for our salvation.

He endured the disrobing of his Body so that we would stop disrobing ours.

Are You a Consoler, or a Stiff-Upper-Lipper?

Usually, we have one of two reactions when someone is sharing their misery with us. We either placate them because we don’t know how to – or maybe don’t want to – deal with their sorrow. Or, we bolster them up and send them on their way because we don’t have the know-how or time to listen and console. We give them the stiff-upper-lip pitch which never really gets to the root of the problem but makes us feel as though we’ve done them a good turn.