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  1. I am so impressed with my high school friend’s writing abilities. I am not Catholic- nor am I a biological mother, but this book has led me to a path of spiritual questions. I never really thought that deep about Mary before and what she went through. I am giving up my murder mysteries for the summer to read the new testament and answer many questions that arose from reading this book. I am wondering about when Mary and Joseph actually wed, how many siblings did Jesus have, and other unanswered questions that I now have. I was so happy that Marge addressed the book not only to biological mother’s but people who have “mothered” in other ways. I fit into this category. In my family we have several Catholics and former Catholics, most of which do not have a lot of bible knowledge, so I was refreshed to see that Marge’s home must be different. I never understood why the Catholic’s revere Mary like they do, and now I feel less offended by their beliefs. I have heard the Christmas, and Easter stories all of my life- but never really THOUGHT in depth about what it was actually like. Thanks for bringing the HOLY family to LIFE for me! I feel I will have a deeper connection after having read this book and studying further. I plan to read Marge’s other books as well, I was afraid at first it might be written too deep for me- but that certainly was NOT the case- I plan to share her book with our pastor as well as several other’s that I feel will benefit from it.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to deepen my faith through your writing.

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