HI! I’m Marge, a professionally trained life coach with a passion for helping others grow personally and spiritually. I have a special gift for helping others overcome wounds from the past, particularly mother wounds and father wounds. I’ll partner with you to discover your essence as a child of God, his will for you, and how to live a joyful life in Christ. Together we’ll explore your God-given temperament, maximize your strengths, and set a course for your persistent personal and spiritual growth. I’ll help you meet the goals you never thought possible!

I can help you discover:

  • How can I find more joy in my life?
  • How do I handle the challenges I face?
  • How can I have a better relationship with God? With our Lord? With Mary?
  • How can I heal the wounds from my past?
  • How can I forgive, let go, and move forward?
  • How can I recharge my prayer life?
  • How can I manage difficult relationships and conversations?
  • What is God asking of me?

What People Say About Simply Holy Coaching

“I was searching for the perfect blend of traits and talents in a life coach and voilà, I found them in Marge!  She is respectful, kind, compassionate, positive, focused and an excellent communicator. I also found her to be trustworthy, dedicated and honest.  From the get go she was able to tap into the issues I was having and kept me grounded while guiding me to search for answers.  I am grateful to Marge and recommend her to anyone who is sincerely ready to move forward in life.” –C.W., San Antonio, TX

“Marge was truly a wonderful coach to work with. She is very empathetic, super easy to talk to, and a great listener. During our time together we spoke about several parts of life in ways that still benefit me to this day. Her insight and homework ‘assignments’ have helped me reach many goals that I didn’t know would be possible. I appreciate her not only as a coach but as a person.” –A.P., Milwaukee, WI

“Through her attentive listening and thoughtful questioning, Marge helped me recognize the key elements behind a personal work-related struggle. Without her guidance to identify actionable steps that provided a breakthrough, I’d still be stuck or would’ve walked away from the project altogether. Thank you, Marge!” –S.K., Houston, TX

Your journey toward a more joyful and fruitful life is a phone call away! Let’s set up a free discovery call to discuss the coaching process and how I can help you achieve your personal and spiritual goals. I can’t wait to meet you!