Lessons from Spine Surgery Part II: The Bracelet

Our Lady Undoer of Knots, Bracelet

I really think Anne was far better at encouraging me than I was at encouraging her. What started as my way of helping Anne ended up as Anne’s way of helping me and it was astonishing to see this normally-reserved woman blossom into a witty, wise, perceptive and insightful individual. It was a side of Anne I’d never seen before. What a gift.

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Major Spine Surgery: What I’ve Learned Part I

spine surgery, Marge Fenelon, God's will

It was what God had in mind for me, and because of my willfulness, I was missing the point. I think it dawned on me right about the time I was downing my fifth helping of humble pie by having to admit – again – to someone that I’d had spine surgery and was having setbacks in recovery.  Humble pie, I believe, is an acquired taste.

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