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“Again, truly I tell you, if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”  (Mt 18-19-20)

I’m so grateful that you’ve chosen to share your prayer requests here on my website! What better way to show our love for Jesus and for each other as Christians than to charitably pray for one another? All requests are welcome here – no matter how big nor how small – and will be daily lifted up in prayer. Additionally, your intentions will accompany me on my Marian Pilgrimage and to other holy places as I travel.

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I invite you as well to pray for other requests on this page, even if it’s a simple spontaneous prayer uttered as you glance down the list of requests. We are all children of God, and when we gather in prayer (even virtually) great things happen! When you pray for a request, please click the Pray button next to it so that the person making the request will see that the intention has been prayed for. It’s that easy!

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Our prayers can bring much joy to so many!

Prayer Requests




Prayer Requests

  • Reversion and Conversion

    That my adult daughter and her husband will realize they need God and answer when He knocks. That they will return to the Catholic Church together, take an interest in catechism and learn together. For their full return and devout conversion to the practice of the faith, and that they will seek to have their marriage blessed in the church.
    Thank you for praying with me!

  • Reversion and Conversion

    That my adult daughter and her husband will realize they need God and answer when He knocks. That they will return to the Catholic Church together, take an interest in catechism and learn together. For their full return and devout conversion to the practice of the faith, and that they will seek to have their marriage blessed in the church.
    Thank you for praying with me!

  • Aaron

    My sister (Susan) asked me to thank you for taking Aaron to the Shrine. ❤️
    Aaron, deployed several times, has PTSD... his wife wants a divorce... he can’t hold a job ...he keeps getting denied the amount of disability he needs. And—of all things—His dog was just injured(!) and the dog had to have a leg amputated (!!!)
    We cry mercy, Lord. Blessed Mother — through your motherly hands— we ask for help.
    Thank you, Marge; love you.

  • Family Healing

    I ask for peace, PATIENCE, understanding and most of all healing of the broken hearts in our family. TIA

  • Deliverance for my Family and I

    I believe in the power of prayer and in the power of prayer in numbers. My family and I need fellow children of God to pray with us and for us. We are undergoing a spiritual warfare. In the name of Jesus we will be victorious and the enemy will perish.

    I was used as a pawn for an evil man to gain powers that set themselves apart from God. For many years (2012-2017) unknown to me, I was blinded by the veil that was placed over my eyes and I was not myself. For many years I felt oppressed and obligated to him for no apparent reason and the relationships with my family members became strained. We married in March 2017 on a beach and by October 2017, the devil had reared his ugly head and revealed himself.

    My memory has evaded me for a lot of things. I felt as though my life was literally being sucked out of me. My health felt like it was on a rapid downward spiral. I began to look gaunt, strange and lost weight. I was short-tempered and was always shaking nervously. I always felt as though something was stifling my breath. I could not as much as yawn without feeling an extreme tightness in my throat. It was revealed to me by people who pray for me with all supplication that he made a pact with the devil so that I would die, and in return, he will prosper and be powerful. It was also revealed to me that he had a time limit set on my life to carry out his evil deeds.

    The individual disappeared from the marital home (a downstairs apartment at my parent's residence) for 12 days. During that time, in one of the brief telephone conversations I had with him, I mentioned that he needed to pray and read Psalm 91. The response received by the individual on the other end was, "that is dangerous." I instantly felt an unsettling chill and I began to pray earnestly with my parents as I felt within my spirit that something was terribly wrong.

    Strange things began to take place. I sought spiritual help with my parent's aid and because of the tender mercies of Jesus Christ I began to see everything clearly. I mended the relationships with my family and siblings and sought their prayer intercessions. I knew that I would not live to see November 2017 if I did not leave my country. On Oct 26th 2017, I resigned from my job and left the country secretly. The day I left, my parents told the individual that he needed to gather his belongings and leave instantly.

    While they were cleaning out the house after his departure, they found things that he had hid unknowingly to us in the house like two small urns. My parents have since gotten our home blessed. However, my parents, siblings and I have been having many evil dreams and I know that he and others are sitting around in counsel and are calling upon things that are not of God to seek me out and devise my hurt (to repay his debts to Satan so he could prosper).

    We pray earnestly asking God for deliverance. Due to the fact that I was not aware of what was done to me until years after, because Jesus stepped in at the right time to save me and put me in a safe place, I know that the marriage was a sham and was not sanctioned by God. My appearance has, by the grace of God, returned to normal since I have moved away and have continued to remain prayerful and plead the blood of Jesus over my family and I and the situation.

    In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare and decree victory for my family and I. I am asking for your prayers and intercessions in the name of Jesus Christ to pray for complete deliverance from evil for my family and I. I have complete faith that God will move mountains and as mentioned before, I believe in the power of prayer in numbers. Matthew 18:20, "For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst."

  • Husband sick

    Please pray for my husband who is ill (bronchitis, pneumonia, flu?) We just moved across the country and dont have a doctor yet. So we are sitting in urgent care hoping for someone good. He has complicating health issues as well. It’s hard to be away from our community and ill. Thank you!

  • Re: For Healing.

    Dear Venerable Sir or Madam.
    I would like to request you pls remember my loving mother in your everyday payers, her good name is Mrs, Haleema Shaukat. Who is suffering cancer disease. She is in ICU. She is believer of Jesus Christ with her true faith. Being her son I make a deeply request all of you kindly pray for her good health, May the almighty Lord of God heal her by his loving son JESUS CHRIST. Also prayer for those who are facing any kinds of disease.
    God bless you.
    In Christ Your Brother,
    From Pakistan.

  • Family

    Please pray for my family members who have left the faith.

  • Cancer and Mental Healing

    Please pray for the healing of my brother Armando's Stage 3 cancer, and for the healing of my sister Irene's depression.

  • Officer shot and killed and officer in critical condition

    Today a US Marshall was shot in Harrisburg, Pa, and died from his injuries. He leaves a wife and 2 young children. Another officer was wounded and is in critical condition. Please pray for them!

  • persecution for being Catholic

    Please pray for my family who are mostly Lutheran and not very kind to me at this time for practicing the Catholic faith. Its gotten worse lately and I just received a call from one of them who has basically written me off and telling me we couldn't be saved because of our faith. I could use some prayers to persevere since my family has really ganged up on me recently. Its getting worse. Thank you.

  • Sexless Marriage

    It's a good and happy marriage in every way except intimacy. It's been years and years. We've only been married 13 years. Yes, there are health issues, but our connection is lost. Please pray.

  • Prayer Request.

    For family salvation and conversion, deliverance from addictions for a friend, deliverance and healing for personal intentions. Prayer box intentions. Thank you. For a friend moving.

  • Prayers for my spouse

    Please pray for my husbands physical and mental healing due to complications from carotid artery surgery.

  • Mrs

    Please pray for healing from this autoimmune disease affecting my spine and possibly optic nerves. Thank you

  • Pls pray for restoration

    Pls pray that my relationship is restored with b quickly that we are both humbled and forgive each other and all fears fall away and our love is renewed. May communication start between us.
    Pls also pray for my son for everything. May he return home to me and find the Lord.

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Praise Report

  • To say the Rosary each day. To understand what I am being called to do.

  • To say the Rosary each day. To understand what I am being called to do.

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