Burning Heart

Pentecost and the George Floyd Riots

Violence, and then fire – an intriguing parallel between Pentecost and the George Floyd riots. But, unlike the violence and fire of an out-of-control plea for justice, the violence and fire of Pentecost were life-giving and transformative. They brought forth courageous men who went forth to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth. Many of them suffered martyrdom after having given witness to Christ. They were men and women of conviction who stood strong against hostility.

Marge Fenelon, Politics, Religion

You Have a Platform: Use It Well

Our platforms need to be a way to raise others up to God and not a means by which we trample and beat them down. Those in the limelight have an even heavier responsibility to consider what messages they’re sending and how they’re coming across to others. Our minds and bodies were given to us in order to do good in this world, not to generate malice.