Why You – Yes, You! – Need to Share Your Catholic Faith Story

You need not be a public speaker or author to share your Catholic faith story with the world, and Nancy Ward has proven that in her new book, “Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story: Tools, Tips & Testimonies,” published by The Word Works. In her book, Ward shows just how easy it can be to simply and spontaneously share with others how the Catholic faith has changed your life.

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Jesus, the Divine Circuit Breaker

The funny thing is, the limits always end up testing me instead of me testing them. Thankfully, Jesus comes to my rescue and saves me from myself. He keeps my power from surging and burning down the house of my soul. When he snaps off my power, I’m forced to turn to him to reinstate THE power that can only come through him – grace. 

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The Most Well-Attended Book Signing

I’d like to say that a huge crowd of people attended the book signing, but I would be lying. Yet, while the attendance numbers weren’t exactly what we’d hoped for, I can say without doubt that it was the most well-attended book signing I’ve ever done. That’s because it wasn’t how many  attended, but rather who attended.