If We Clean Our Computer Files, Shouldn’t We Clean Our Spiritual Files As Well?

I know a number of folks, including myself, whose spiritual files are a considerable mess. We have scads of prayer books and devotionals on our shelves, tucked in dresser drawers and sitting on our nights stands. That’s not a bad thing, but we haven’t touched most of them in years. We’ve subscribed to more email novenas and prayer-a-day lists than we could pray in a lifetime, much less daily.

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Pope Francis to Schoenstatt Fathers: Contemplation, Service, Fraternity – a Lesson for Us, Too

We let the Lord surprise us and open paths of grace in our life, and that healthy and necessary decentralization happens, in which we put ourselves aside, so that Christ can occupy the center of our life. ~Pope Francis to the Secular Institute of Schoe…

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