Pope Francis Inaugural Mass and Homily

Catholic Church, Holy Father, Pope Francis

How is wish I had been one of the 200,000 persons from 132 countries who attended Pope Francis’ Inaugural Mass in Rome today!! Perhaps you wish the same, and so, courtesy of Vatican Radio, I’ve posted the video of the Inaugural Mass – all four hours of it! Below that, courtesy of the Vatican website, is the full text of Pope Francis’ homily.

Of course, I simply can’t resist at least a few tidbits; From the Moynihan Letters, I learned that heads of both the Jesuit and Franciscan orders con-celebrated the Mass. If it (more…)

Pope Francis’ First Angelus Message

Today, Pope Francis gave the first Angelus message of his pontificate. The message itself is beautiful and meaningful, but the way in which he delivers it is simply (pun intended) remarkable. His warmth, his tone, his closeness to his listeners is something this scribe has not heard from a Pope before, at least no quite in the same manner. There is no (more…)

Pope Francis I in Motion

I copped this from “Ordinary Time,” the blog of my friend and colleague, Woodeene Koenig-Bricker. Woodeene remarked that she would truly like to meet Pope Francis I, and I agree. Today, the Holy Father (boy, it feels so good to write that) had a reception with the Cardinals today, with Read more…