One hundred buttons

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Right about this time 31 years ago, I was at my mother-in-law’s house, standing in the little room off the kitchen, stomach quivering. Everyone in the house was hustling and bustling about, except for my poor mother-in-law, who was nervously working her way up the 100 buttons on the back of my wedding (more…)

Makes you stop and say, “Hmmmm…”

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Genetic testing in here, whether we like it or not, and for better or worse. The new developments, especially a recently developed test that claims it can predict what health conditions and at what age your child will die, bring with them a host of questions. One of those questions – how this can effect our faith – I’ve posed in “Faith, genetics and life decisions collide again,” appearing in the October 13 edition of Our Sunday Visitor.

I hope you’ll read my article (at the link below) and discuss it with others. This is a topic that should make us stop and say, “Hmmmm.” More than that, it’s a topic that should open us to prayerful thought and animated discussion.  (more…)

The gaze of the crucified Jesus – Pope Francis at Assisi and a lesson for me

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Where did Francis’s journey to Christ begin? It began with the gaze of the crucified Jesus. With letting Jesus look at us at the very moment that he gives his life for us and draws us to himself. 

If I read only those three lines from Pope Francis’ homily for the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, I would have enough to contemplate for the next year. Or more. On the memorial of this saint who is loved world wide, the Holy Father visited Assisi, where he met with 100 or so sick and severely disabled children at the Seraphic Institute, blessing each and kissing the cheeks of many of them. (more…)