Brussels Attacks: What Can WE Do? Plenty.

By means of their beliefs, ISIS has made themselves our enemies in that they’d just as soon wipe all Christians off the face of the earth – in violent, painful ways – than allow us to live. Jihad is not a fable from an old comic book; it’s a reality that has been declared by Islamic extremists.

Still, Jesus says to love them and pray for them.

Walking with Mary through Holy Week

stabet mater The darkness and silence make me uneasy. I can hear Jesus’ slow and shallow breathing. I wish I could breathe for him, but that would only prolong his anguish. The ground beneath the cross is soaked with the blood of the Sacrificial Lamb. That bloof should be mine, not his. How can he love me this much?  ~Ecce Matrr Tua – Behold, Your Mother: Marian Stations of the Cross, Twelfth Station

As we move into Holy Week, those lines from Ecce Mater Tua are swirling about my head (more…)