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The Daughters of Jerusalem are My Real Heroes

We can tend to paint parents of “ideal” families as heroes, looking up to them as if they are all that we are not and as though we should feel guilty about it. Perhaps we did mess up in spots, and its normal to have regrets about that. Then we pray, surrender to Christ, and do what we can to set things right.

As you make your way along the Way of the Cross this Good Friday, stop to consider the weeping women and our Lord’s words to them.

Lent, Catholic Church, Liturgical Year

Three Questions to Ask Yourself About Lent

The objective of Lent is to strengthen ourselves against the Tempter and to become more Christ-like. If what we’ve chosen is self-defeating or such a breeze we barely think about it, then we’re not strengthening ourselves against Satan. If we’re trudging through Lent unenthusiastically, then we’re just wasting our time.