Three striking things about Pope Francis’ interview with La Repubblica founder Eugeno Scalfari

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In yet another surprise move, Pope Francis granted a private – and frank – interview with professed atheist and La Repubblica founder Eugenio Scalfari. You may recall that the Pope wrote a letter to Scalfari this summer in response to several questions he’d posed in various articles run in the paper.  La Repubblica is one of Italy’s leading newspapers.

Pope Francis made the phone call and arranged the (more…)

Who cares what chair Pope Francis sat on? I do!


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When I first noticed the media hoopla over what chair the Pope sat on today, I thought Oh, please. Isn’t that too much? Let the poor man sit wherever he wants, for goodness sake! Now we’re just picking on any little things we can make a big deal out of. After some investigation, however, I’m eating my words, or rather, sitting quietly in my seat. The chair the Pope sat on is a big deal…

Instead of the throne chair traditionally used by popes, today Pope Francis sat on the same (more…)