Jesus, Promises, Suffering, JoyReviews are starting to come in for 10 Promises of Jesus:; Stories and Scripture Reflections about Suffering and Joy and I’m overwhelmed at the degree of favor they’ve shown! I really sunk my heart and soul into this book, and it’s gratifying to know that my work has paid off. Below is a review submitted to me by a colleague who admitted to me that he was skeptical about the value of my book. That was before he read it. After? Well, read for yourself in zmax Longley’s review. below.

I wasn’t sure what I expected with this book – perhaps a bunch of happy talk and greeting-card-style sentiments. But in truth, this book by the prolific and talented Catholic author Marge Fenelon is a reality-confronting account of the promises of Jesus as they work out in the most difficult circumstances of life. Each chapter looks at a Scriptural promise of Jesus, tells about a person or family whose experience seems on the surface to be a tragic mockery of that promise, and then concludes by describing how the real-life protagonists of these experiences find that Jesus’ promise has in fact been fulfilled in their circumstances. The true-life stories deal with death, serious illness, addiction, and ultimately how those affected find their way through their situation in a way that satisfies them that Jesus has been keeping His promises.  –Max Longley, author of For the Union and the Catholic Church.

PS: Thanks for your skepticism, Max. That proves 10 Promises had met the challenge.

To purchase your copy of 10 Promises, click the link below. And please, post a review once you’ve read it! That will help others make their purchase decisions.


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