An engaging new book that invites us all to take another look at the Catholic Church. Great for parish small groups!

Whether you know someone who has left the Catholic Church, or have left the Catholic Church yourself, this book is for you. Real stories of real people who have left and found their way back to the Church. Complete with Scripture passages and questions for individual reflection or group discussion. This is the answer to the questions you and so many others have been asking.

In her heartwarming and perceptive storyteller style, Marge leads us to understand why Catholics leave the Church, what keeps them away, and what brings them back. She invites us all to take another look at the Catholic Church and in the process, she helps heal wounds, clarify misconceptions, and increase our appreciation of the faith.

–Most Reverend Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York

When 70% of Catholics don’t go to church each week, isn’t it time somebody did something? Marge Fenelon thinks it is, and so do I. Read When’s God Gonna Call Me Back? and give a copy to everyone you know who doesn’t go to church anymore.

–Matthew Kelly, New York Times best-selling author of Rediscovering Catholicism and The Rhythm of Life

Marge’s book is creative and has something for everyone. I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to bless her efforts at helping many souls to come home to our Catholic family!

–Tom Petersen, President and Founder,

Fenelon allows the stories of those who have drifted away from or actively left the Catholic Church to be told simply and directly. She provided her contributors with a place to vent, explain, remember, and commiserate but she also carefully and charitably shares the eternal and unflagging teachings of the Church. Included are supporting Scripture passages as food for thought, and questions for discussion. If you struggle with the Church, or know someone who does, this book may offer some much needed information and support.

~Karen Edmisten, author of The Rosary; Keeping Company with Jesus and Mary and Through the Year with Mary; 365 Reflections

Personally autographed by the author!


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