At Home with Jim & Joy

Well, this trip down to EWTN just keeps getting better and better! I’ve just been invited to be a guest on EWTN Radio’s “At Home with Jim & Joy” with Jim and Joy Pinto! We’ll be talking about dating and courtship and some other fantastic tidbits. The show is live Read more…

SonRise at 6:35am CST

Breaking News! I’ll be chatting about Imitating Mary: Ten Marian Virtues for the Modern Mom with Brian Patrick tomorrow, Friday, April 19 at 6:35am CST. This is the very first media interview about my new release. Join us live or catch the podcast later at:

Five Minutes to a New You

Donna Marie Cooper O'Boyle, Catholic Moms CafeSounds impossible, right? If you’re talking about changing yourself on the outside – your looks or physique – then, no, it’s not possible. BUT, if you’re talking about changing yourself on the inside – in five-minute increments over the course of a year, for example – then I’ve got just the thing for you! (more…)

Pope Francis Wasn’t Kidding

Pope Francis, Advisory Counsel, Catholic Church

Vatican Radio Photo

Today, Pope Francis followed through on his early post-election hints at reform in the Church. In a communique issued this morning, the Holy Father appointed eight cardinals from around the world to a permanent advisory group to counsel him on running the Catholic Church and reforming the Vatican Curia. This is a major announcement of great impact and gives indication that the way the papacy (more…)