Friday Fun

clean humor

I’m (thankfully) coming to the close of one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in a very long time. Perhaps your week was stressful, too. Regardless, I’ve got some good, clean humor to brighten us all. First up is one of my favorite videos – “William Tell Overture Mom.”  This is a classic, and one of my two sure-bet mood changers (the other is “Parent Rap.”) Below that are a few humor pieces (more…)

Pope Francis on True Freedom

Freedom, Childlike, Pope Francis, Catholic, General Audience

We’re hearing about “freedom” a lot in the news lately. Religious freedom. Freedom to bear arms. Freedom of speech…and many more. Everyone wants to have freedom, but sometimes that can be a sadly misconstrued and even misinterpreted term. Usually when (more…)

Simply Holy

        Introducing my brand-new monthly newsletter, Simply Holy! The first issue launched  on April 8, 2013. If you’re not on the subscriber list, you’ll want to join right away so you don’t miss the next issue. Here’s why:  Simply Holy is a valuable tool to help all of us Read more…