Walking by Heaven’s Light

Walking by Heaven's Light

Friends, I am so VERY excited to introduce you to my new blog! It’s called Walking by Heaven’s Light and the official launch date is Monday, January 20. However, I’m giving a sneak peak to you – my loyal subscribers! I know that you will love Walking by Heaven’s Light!

Why a new blog? Here’s an excerpt from Walking by Heaven’s Light “About this Blog” page: (more…)

Morning Air and Son Rise

Great news! I’ll be chatting with host Sean Herriot on Relevant Radio’s “Morning Air” this Monday, January 13, at 8am CST. Sean and I will be discussing my article in the January 19 issue of Our Sunday Visitor, “Faithful share tips on hitting prayer-life stride.” Please join us live or Read more…

Prayer life feels unbalanced? Here’s the fix.

Do you feel as though your prayer life is unbalanced? We all do from time to time. Here’s how to regain balance and lead a more productive prayer life. Check out my article in the January 19 issue of Our Sunday Visitor. https://www.osv.com/OSVNewsweekly/ByIssue/Article/TabId/735/ArtMID/13636/ArticleID/13858/Faithful-share-tips-on-hitting-prayer-life-stride.aspx  

Bolstering the Pro-Life Movement from our dinner tables

We usually think about the Pro-Life Movement as something that takes place “out there.” But, did you know you can bolster the movement’s efforts from your very own dinner table? Here’s how: https://www.osv.com/OSVNewsweekly/ByIssue/Article/TabId/735/ArtMID/13636/ArticleID/13852/How-to-create-a-pro-life-culture-at-home.aspx My latest for Our Sunday Visitor.

What’s your word for 2014?

One of the things I’ve resolved to do in the New Year is to post more items of interest for your enjoyment and consideration. Here’s one from Elizabeth Foss that fits both. Now she’s got me thinking about what my word for 2014 will be! Enjoy! http://www.elizabethfoss.com/reallearning/2014/01/surrender.html