Walking by Heaven's Light

Friends, I am so VERY excited to introduce you to my new blog! It’s called Walking by Heaven’s Light and the official launch date is Monday, January 20. However, I’m giving a sneak peak to you – my loyal subscribers! I know that you will love Walking by Heaven’s Light!

Why a new blog? Here’s an excerpt from Walking by Heaven’s Light “About this Blog” page:

I opened Walking by Heaven’s Light to give me a separate space for enlightened and uplifting discussion about what’s going on and what it all could mean in the context of God’s providence – mingled with my usual spark, substance, and occasional reality check, of course. Folks often come to me with suggestions, questions, concerns, issues, and the like that deserve more than a quick email or social networking response. While keeping everyone’s confidentiality, Walking  by Heaven’s Light gives me a forum for that now, too.

Walking by Heaven’s Light is just what the title says – a tool for improving our weak eyes of faith so that we can see life and God sees it and always walk by heaven’s light through this often confusing and complicated life we live. Walking by Heaven’s Light is about digesting and savoring all of the experiences the heavenly Father sends us and viewing them through the prism of Divine Providence. A tall task, no? But I am confident that we can do it – together!

You’ll want to subscribe to Walking by Heaven’s Light because it won’t be a repeat of my Marge Fenelon blog. It will be quite different, and you won’t want to miss a single post. From now on, the Marge Fenelon blog will be used for posting newsy items about my appearances, engagements, and published works. You’ll want to keep your subscription to that blog, so you don’t miss any important news.

I’m so happy to be able to share this delightful moment with you. I’ve been working on Walking by Heaven’s Light for some months, and have been joyfully anxious for the launch. Now it’s almost here, and you are a part of it.

Please let others know about Walking by Heaven’s Light, and send me your ideas of what you’d like to see in my posts. I’ll do my best to honor your requests and highlight your suggestions.

As I prepare for the launch of Walking by Heaven’s Light, I ask you to pray with me one of my go-to prayers to the Holy Spirit:

Holy Spirit,

You are the soul of my soul. I humbly adore you. Enlighten me strengthen me, guie me, comfort me. Reveal your wishes to me as far as it is in accordance with the will of the Eternal Father. Show me what Eternal Love wants of me. Show me what I should do. Show me what I should suffer. Show me what I should humbly and thoughtfully accept, bear, and endure.

Holy Spirit,

Show me your will and the will of the Father, for I want my whole life to be nothing else than a continuous, and everlasting yes to the wishes, to the will of God, the Eternal Father. Amen.

Now, placing Walking by Heaven’s Light into the hands and will of the Triune God and under the protection of our Blessed Mother Mary… let’s get… walking!!

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Melanie Rigney · January 18, 2014 at 3:14 pm

Wonderful concept, Marge. Look forward to reading this new blog!

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