Beaten. Broken. Surrendered.

It is not in Scripture, but I often wonder if our Lord spoke privately with Mary at some point, explaining to her all that would happen and giving her the promise of the Resurrection.

Regardless, the stone itself still tells the tale of great torment and great love. The Body that was anointed there had been given up for you and for me.

Can You Surrender in Times of Loss?

Mary accompanied her Son through his entire Passion, every horrifying step, every excruciating blow. And then she stood beneath his Cross as his Precious Blood drained from his holy Body and soaked the earth. She watched him take his final breath and surrender himself into the hands of his Father.

Sacred Hands

So, when I think if the Eleventh Station: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross, I think of our Lord’s hands.

During his lifetime, Jesus used his hands to build along side of St. Joseph and work along side of his Blessed Mother. He blessed, prayed, and healed with his hands. His hands waved hello to friends, and multiplied loaves and fishes to feed the multitudes.