Tenth Station

When we bury a loved one, we take great care with his or her body.

It’s reverently transported to an undertaker. prepared for burial, dressed in fine clothes and placed gently into the casket. We hold a visitation in order that family and friends might pay their final respects. Finally, we honor the body with a Mass of Christian Burial, blessing it, and then burying it in the sacred ground of the cemetery.

Our bodies are holy, because they are temples of the Holy Spirit.

In the sense of being a member of the Triune God, Jesus IS the Holy Spirit. His human body wasn’t simply a temple of the Spirit; it was part of the Spirit. It was holy. It was God.

The Roman soldiers, by order of Pontius Pilate, desecrated that Beautiful Body, beating it, scourging it, mocking it, and then, as we pray in the Tenth Station of the Cross, shaming it by stripping it of its garments.

The Kings of Kings, disrobed and put on display.

We participate in that disrobing every time we treat our own bodies with less that the respect they deserve. Whether poor health habits, immodest dress or behavior, lustful behavior, or egotistic adornment, when we do not honor our own bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit, we dishonor the Body of the One who gave all for our salvation.

He endured the disrobing of his Body so that we would stop disrobing ours.

Something to consider as we pray the Tenth Station of the Cross: Jesus is Stripped of His Garments



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