Don’t be duped!

Friends, please read my latest column on Catholic Lane – and then share it with as many others as you can! Don’t let them or yourselves be duped, as I was. This is pertinent, not only for those who work in Catholic media, but also for those who work in the formation of others. Obviously, this is essential for parents.

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  1. Great reminder piece but the purity prayer is right on the target.

  2. You are so spot on about this! Our culture is SO saturated by sex and immodesty, that I think we are unintentionally allowing it to creep into our own families. We need to fight back by not allowing our children to watch or support these “sex soaked” television shows. We as parents should not be watching these shows either! Our actions speak volumes to our children, and we are their primary teachers. We need to fight back by teaching our children how to dress modestly and to learn that they have dignity beyond a strappy, low cut tank top and short shorts. What we wear can affect our behavior!
    Just what is modest? They have some wonderful guidelines for girls (and moms!!)on

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