battle of lepantoBlessed Feast of the Holy Rosary!

Today the entire Church unites to celebrate our Mother Mary and the power granted her by the heavenly Father through our devotion to the Holy Rosary. The Rosary is more than a means of contemplation on the life of Christ and his Mother, more than a spiritual anesthetic in times of pain and heartache, and much more than a way to pass the time on long car rides. The Rosary is a potent weapon in spiritual warfare, a safeguard against temptation and despair, and a window into the heart of our Blessed Mother. Since the Battle of Lepanto was won by the Holy League over the Turks despite insurmountable odds in 1571, it has been the symbol of victory for Catholic Christians. Devotion to the Rosary reflects devotion to our Lord and our Lady, opening our minds and hearts to them, and paving the way for them to effect miracles in our lives, even when all rational odds seem to be against us.

My column on Catholic Lane talks about the Battle of Lepanto and the need for us to keep the Lepanto spirit all year long. When we face a seemingly unbeatable foe, reaching for the Rosary can turn the tides of the battle.

When has Our Lady of the Holy Rosary been victorious in your life? What have been some of your Lepanto moments?

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