This is just too cool not to share…

On the way to the grocery store yesterday, I spotted this “piece” of rainbow just to the right of the sun. I was so excited and afraid I was just seeing things that I called my husband at work to make sure he could see it, too. Yep. He could. Then I called our 15 year old at home to see if he could see it. Yep, he could see it, too. Not only that, but also he was able to grab the camera for me and get a few shots before it disappeared.

As I turned the corner towards the market, my eye caught a second piece of rainbow, this one just to the left of the sun and a mirror image of the first! There’s been no rain in the forecast for days, and none in the near future. So what on Earth (or in Heaven) made this beautiful spectacle occur?I could barely take my eyes off of it in order to drive.

What’s more, once I got home and viewed the pics my son had taken, I saw something even cooler…you probably noticed already. On first glance, the telephone pole looks just like a Cross! For me, this is an awesome reminder of God’s omnipotent power and His faithfulness to the Covenant He has made with His people – us. Even when we’re carrying the heaviest of crosses, God holds true to His Covenant and carries us, along with our crosses. We are never alone in our suffering.

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Debbie · October 11, 2011 at 10:03 pm

Margie this is beautiful. Yes, God is faithful.. smile!

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