Strengthening the Family

“When the scenes and scents speak of “home,” our spouses and children feel they’re welcome and in a place where they truly want to be.”~Strengthening Your Family: A Catholic Approach to Holiness at Home, Chapter One: Wafting in the Atmosphere

adventThe atmosphere in which we live has tremendous influence on whether or not we truly feel at home. The way things are arranged, the sounds, the sights, and even the smells determine how we respond to our environment and to the people around us. This is true for houses as well as offices and meeting rooms.


What is the atmosphere like in the places we live and work?

Straws for the Crib

Do something for the people with whom you live or work to make them feel more at home. This could be anything from placing lighted candles on the dining table or playing their favorite music, to making a light-hearted joke that gets a colleague to smile or cleaning up the papers strewn about the copier.

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