Strengthening the Family

“Charitable admonishment, given in genuine love and sacrificial patience can move hearts away from sin and toward God.” ~Strengthening Your Family: A Catholic Approach to Holiness at Home, Chapter Three: Acceptance Application

adventIt’s easy to point fingers or criticize; it’s harder to try to understand and guide, especially when it’s someone who is very important to us. Yet, we’re often called to do just that when we see waywardness in our families and injustice in our communities. First, we have to understand where they are coming from, then we have to find a way to inspire them to change.

Straws for the Crib

Resolve to offer constructive criticism – charitable admonishment – to anyone today who makes a mistake, exercises poor judgment, offends you, or breaks the rules. Remember first that you aren’t perfect, either, and implore the Holy Spirit for help.

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