Strength for the Family

“We work hard at assuring that our ‘Sunday attitude’ flows into the weekdays. We promote the same respect for God and family unity throughout the week, using the Ten Commandments as our baseline, in hopes that through our efforts our children will experience the love of God firsthand.” ~Strengthening Your Family: A Catholic Approach to Holiness at Home, Chapter Seven: Consequences, Naturally

adventWe should think of Sundays as belonging to the Lord, as a day during which our hearts, minds, and bodies should be focused entirely on him. But, don’t all days belong to him? Shouldn’t we always be focused entirely on him, regardless of the day of the week?


Straws for the Crib

Think of something to do that will make this day belong entirely to God. Carry out your duties with a “Sunday attitude,” consecrating each action and interaction to him.

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