Strength for the Family

“Sacramentals are signs and symbols that draw us closer to God. Holy water, the Sign of the Cross, blessings, blessed rosaries, and crucifixes are examples of sacramentals. They’re like sticky notes that act as reminders to us of God and his goodness.” ~Strengthening Your Family: A Catholic Approach to Holiness at Home, Chapter Eight: Lord, Hear Our Prayer!

adventIf we want to remember something really important, we make a note to ourselves about it and place it in a prominent spot where we’ll be sure to see it. Well, there is nothing more important to us than God, and we want to remember him at all times and in all places. Without him, nothing else in life is possible. Do you have at least one sacramental in your home, in your room, or workplace? How often do you take time to appreciate the message it has for you?

Straws for the Crib

Today, designate a spiritual sticky note to remind you of God’s love for you, and your love for him. It can be a sacramental – a rosary or crucifix, for example – or an actual sticky note with a personal reminder written on it. At least three times today, stop briefly to notice the “sticky note.” Tell God that you love him, and thank him for his love for you.

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