Strength for the Family

“Married or single, we have many duties in life and many distractions that can deter our own spiritual growth and our children’s spiritual growth. We cultivate real sanctity when we allow ourselves to be moved by the Holy Spirit, obey the voice of the heavenly Father, and worship him in spirit and in truth.” ~Strengthening Your Family: A Catholic Approach to Holiness at Home, Chapter Nine: Church in Miniature

adventWe are all so busy, with so many responsibilities and obligations pulling us this way and that! Sometimes it’s seems impossible to keep up. There’s work to do, questions to answer, and decisions to make. How nice it would be if someone could take over for us, helping us to accomplish what we need to do and sorting out the questions and decisions for us. Well, there is Someone – the Holy Spirit. He can and will lead us through all these tasks and tangles, if only we allow him to. Even more, when we surrender ourselves to his guidance, we grow spiritually and those around us grow, too.

Straws for the Crib

In our minds, we know that the Holy Spirit is there for us, but often we forget to reach out to him with our hearts. Today, pray three times the following prayer:

O Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit,  with glowing flame inspire us today. Unite all souls and form one heart and show the Father’s way.


(Fr. Joseph Kentenich, as found in Heavenwards. Used with permission)
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