Strength for the Family

“Of course, things happen in spite of our best efforts. Marriages break up, circumstances change, and negative influences affect our families. Regardless, we can never allow our view of marriage, or our belief in it, to be altered. Marriage is a sacrament instituted by Christ and advocated by the Catholic Church.” ~Strengthening Your Family: A Catholic Approach to Holiness at Home, Chapter Ten: In the Beginning


Whether we’re married or single, divorced or celibate, it’s essential that we uphold the sanctity of marriage by supporting others in their marriage covenants and defending the dignity of marriage in our day-to-day environments and the public square. Solid societies are built on solid families, which in turn, are built on solid marriages.

Straws for the Crib

Choose a family – it could be your own, or someone else’s – to remember specially in your prayers today. Ask the Holy Family to “visit” them, blessing them and bringing them peace, courage, and resolve to strive for holiness.

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