Strength for the Family

“The root of holiness – the attitude of the saints – is a constant awareness of the presence of God. He isn’t a nebulous power that hangs around in outer space getting his jollies by manipulating the lives of human beings. He’s truly and completely a father, and he’s not just a father, he’s our father.” ~Strengthening Your Family: A Catholic Approach to Holiness at Home, Chapter Fifteen: Attitude is Everything

adventIt can be challenging to open our hearts to God’s fatherhood. Our experience of fatherhood in the natural dimension affects our experience of fatherhood in the divine dimension. If, for example, we’ve experienced a harsh, overbearing father, we’ll tend to see God as punishing and judgmental. If we’ve experienced a father who is subdued and grandfatherly, we’ll tend to see God as benevolent, but passive. In order to see God as a true and loving Father, we need prayer, meditation, and childlike receptiveness.

Straws for the Crib

Read St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Chapter 8 verses 14-17. Go over it slowly, letting it sink deeply into your heart. Ask God for the childlike receptiveness you need in order to allow him to be truly, completely, your Father.

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