Strength for the Family

“Unlimited opportunities to practice the little virtues arise in daily life, especially in our domestic church. While they’re considered the smallest of the virtues, they’re certainly not the easiest.” ~Strengthening Your Family: A Catholic Approach to Holiness at Home, Chapter Seventeen: Detached Attachments

adventSt. Francis de Sales wrote beautiful passages about the “little virtues” – humility, patience, charity, kindness, forbearance, weakness, willingness, warmness and gentleness of heart, sympathy, forgiveness, simplicity, and sincerity. They all sound simple enough, but it’s not simple to consistently put them into practice in daily life.


Straws for the Crib

Choose the little virtue that is most difficult for you, and practice it with special reverence throughout the day today. Try to see the Christ Child in the heart of each person you encounter, “showing” them with your little virtue.

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