The battle for our religious freedom not only continues, but has worsened. The HHS mandate forcing religious institutions to provide contraceptives, including abortion-causing drugs and sterilization, to all employees free of charge still holds, in spite of the wide-spread and determined protest of members of various denominations. The Obama Administration’s efforts to quiet the noise by offering a concession that was nothing more than White House double-speak only served to raise more alarm and bolster opposition, especially that of our United States bishops. Here are some links that were sent to me today that I find especially helpful. I think you will, too.

Cardinal Wuerl’s appearance on msnbc’s Morning Joe. Notice how calm and direct the Cardinal is in spite of the agitation of his interviewers and the bold faced fun-poking of our Catholic faith:

Cardinal Wuerl’s YouTube message. No dancing around the issue here.

The USCCB calls for all the Faithful to protest the HHS mandate and the psuedo-concession from the Obama Administration. Here’s the article:

It’s hard to believe it’s gone this far, and then again, not. Even more than before, we need to stand strong and support our bishops through action, prayer, fasting, and sacrifice.

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